Why Is the Universe

So detailed?

Have you ever wondered why the universe is not simply an amorphous blob? If you have, then welcome to my world. The current idea is that the universe started with the so called “Big Bang” when time and space were created. Conveniently glossing over why and why was there only one Bing Bang (if it happened once why did it not happen again and again) or how, the idea is that very shortly afterwards, I mean between a femto and an atto second after time itself supposedly came into existence, there were random quantum fluctuations. These random fluctuations, existed because of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle  that presumably itself existed as a principle of the early universe.

Completely glossing over this circular argument about the uncertainty principle, eventually these random fluctuations lead to some parts of the universe being denser and attracting more matter than others. Again lets gloss over the fact that if these fluctuations were random, why did they only create denser parts and not destroy denser parts of the universe and hence make it an amorphous blob. Basically then, the physics of the early universe is like the popular saying “it is what it is”.

It seems therefore even at the very start of the early universe there was structure. A bias towards form. That much is obvious since if there was a bias towards lack of form we would have ended up with an amorphous blob. What was that bias? The form is easy enough to observe now, but what exactly is it? Has the universe finished forming or will it eventually unravel into an amorphous blob of infintely long wavelength radiation trillions upon trillions of years from now? Of course on its way to that state, all life will cease to exist and as soon as that happens, nothing actually happens afterwards.