The Purpose of the universe

We have covered how time, space and the universe were created, but the really important question is why. Consider that all matter in the universe is affected by all other matter in the universe. Matter is acting like an incomprehensibly huge analog recorder. If we could create a machine to play it all back, we could recreate everything that has ever happened in perfect detail. It seems then that the universe is here to record everything. And why do you record something? To preserve it, but also to play it back and edit it.

We are all the creators of time, space and matter. We are the most important objects in the universe and also the least important. Time and space are dimensions we created. Many worlds exist but not in parallel because between universes there is no concept of time. That is why the gravitational constant, is not a constant. That is why we think there is dark matter. That is why our mathematical efforts to describe the universe will ultimately fail. Infinities, paradoxes and random numbers are the true nature of the universe. The great cycle will repeat until ultimately living matter, using the infinite power of thought, brings about the next dimension. This must and will be what we should strive for. That is the reason why we are here. We must put away childish things.