Time, Life, and the Universe

Earlier I conjectured that the universe came about because there are random events. The hidden issue in this is time. The idea being that given enough time, anything is possible. Imagine you are watching a TV where only random static is displayed. Given enough time the screen will display all possible images. Therefore, given enough time, you will be able to see the whole history of the universe. However, that would include being able to see yourself watching a TV and seeing the history of the universe and so on recursively. The concept of time and randomness are therefore intimately intertwined. However, there is something in plain sight that we have missed. The observer.

Let’s consider a time (i.e. what we call time) where there were no living creatures and yet the universe existed. It would not matter if a billion suns went supernova every day as there would be no one to observe them. Indeed the universe may as well not have existed. Its only when life came into existence that it mattered whether one event happened before or after another. The dimensions of time and space and the universe itself were created when life came into existence.

Life and the processes of life in a very real sense created time and space. To truly understand the universe, like the blind person and color, we need to develop the ability to add the next dimension to the universe. The path to this new dimension is intelligence.

What we think of as intelligence now is merely a distant shadow of the true intelligence required to bring into existence the next dimension beyond time and space. That then is what we should be striving for.